APRIL 29, 2017: Guest Opener Nora Panahi at The Callbacks Present: The Shady Bunch, 8pm at BU Central

APRIL 29, 2017: Opener at The Callbacks Present: The Shady Bunch 8pm at BU Central, 775 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

Do you miss your youth? Feeling nostalgic? Do you long to live the golden days of the past? WELL WE’VE GOT THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!!!!!! Come on down to BU CENTRAL on Saturday April 29th at 8PM to witness the the return of THE BRADY BUNCH!!!!!!!!! Correction… s’cuse me… I read that wrong…. THE SHADY BUNCH!!!!!!! It’s like the Brady Bunch but with more diversity and less Jan!!!!!!!!!

We’ll be performing some awesome sketch and improv comedy for everyone and we also have a gnarly opening stand-up performance from Stand-Up Comedian, Nora Panahi!!!!
8pm to 10pm – Admission is free!